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About BannerAds

We have unique solution for your business. Marketing, remarketing and an extensive set of tools that will help your business grow



Unique tools and services that will allow you to serve your ads only to iOS, Andorid and Windows smartphones


Desktop and Laptop

Limit your marketing methods to desktop and laptop devices using numerous tools for growing your business


Other Devices

Advertise your business to users using specific device like SmartTVs using specially designed custom tools

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  • 100%
    March April
  • 80%
    May & June
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    July August
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  • 80%
    November December
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Track your progress for each ad over the year, month, day or hour and make changes in order to improve your click through rate (CTR) and lower your spendings
We have provided unique set of tools and analytics that will help you understand performance of your banner ads.
By utilising latest data analytic methods, track your progress and make data driven decisions that will improve your traffic and lower your spendings
Our support team is in the marketing and banner ad field for more than a decade. No matter if you are new or old marketer, we will help you skyrocket your traffic and earnings

Our Services

We are part of a website network that owns more than 20 well known websites. Through our service, you are able to advertise your business or products directly to more than 20 million users around the world

Banner Design

Our team of dedicated designers will help you create custom banner ads for your company or product

Graphics Design

Custom built landing pages for your products or business that will corespond to design of our website

WordPress Support

If you use WordPress CMS our programers will help you with special tools to track your banner ad performance

Plug and Play

Everything that we create is simple to use. There is no need to have special skills to use our system

We Support All

No matter what CMS you have on your website, we have plugin or extension for it

Why Extensions?

You dont have to login to our website, using our plugin and API you can check all stats and performance directly on your website

On All Devices

Everything that we create is built for all devices - Smartphones, Computers, Laptops, SmartTVs, Tablets...

24/7 Support

We have dedicated team of professionals that are more than capable answering ALL your questions

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Banner Ads Features

Internet maketing has changed in past 15 years. In order to remain competetive on the market you must utilise all tools in your disposal. Since we have more than 20 well known websites, we have learned how to utilise our traffic hard way. Because of that, we have created all sorts of tools that will help you maximize your revenue.

Our website network has about 20 million page views every day. We have covered niches that can bring your business high ammount of traffic. In order to get the most of the traffic and your banner ads, we have prepared tools that will help you pickpoint all users that you want on your website. Our state of the art marketing tools will help you earn more money than any other available solution.

Through our network, we serve static banner ads to our visitors. By working with us, you will rise awarnes of your brand, show your massage to millions. We serve banners on monthly basis, per impression or per click on your ads. By choosing what suits you best, you can configure your campaign. Your banners will be in rotation, so we will not show same ad to same person multiple times. This way, we will lower your costs and improve CTR.

Awesome BannerAds solution for maximizing your business revenue and traffic. Rise awarenes about your brand or product

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Our Clients

We have worked with more than 7000 businesses and individuals in the past few years. We have shared our knowledge and experience with them, helping them create their place on the web.

My favorite thing is simplicity of the BannerAds system. With just a few click you can change everything and implement new ideas for advertising your business. With low investment I have managed to get tons of visitors on a company website that helped me a lot.

My company was working on fumes. There was just not enough money for expencive marketing campaigns. Thanks to BannerAds, we have managed to skyrocket our conversation and income. Now, we make enough for marketing. People recognize our brand and future looks bright. Thanks

We have tried a lot of different marketing companies. Difference between them and BannerAds is the fact that they know their visitors. They know exactly what will work with their traffic so pay attention to their guides. We are proud to be part of their marketing system.

After spending tons of money on Google, Yahoo and Bing, we decided to give a try on BannerAds as their system looked promissing. Now, after more than a year of working with them, we have decided to drop all other marketing channels. Thank you BannerAds for helping our company. - Natural Blaze

Although Facebook advertising provides a ton of information, there is nothing like BannerAds system. They know their traffic, they know how to improve your CTR and lower your income. We are more than satisfied to work with BannerAds.

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